Where is Kilimanjaro and How to Climb it?

Mountain climbing is one of the hobbies of many of us. Those who love adventure love trekking. There are many mountains and a range of mountains where people go for climbing. It is adventurous and enjoyable, but sometimes it is dangerous too. That is the reason; we need to be sure to go for trekking in the supervision of some experts.

Today, we are going to talk about Kilimanjaro, as to where it is, and how to climb it. It is always good to know more about the mountain that you are going to climb, and it is even better if you check out some guides about climbing that particular mountain. These things help you prepare better for the hike.

What is Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro is actually a dormant volcano in Tanzania which is the highest mountain in Africa. It is composed of three different volcanic cones: Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. It is around 16,100 Ft. from its base and 19330 ft. from the sea level.

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Since the altitude is high, there are some things that need to be careful because as you climb high, you will feel like vomiting, and have headaches, as well. That is why it is very important to know all the consequences so that you can better prepare yourself.

Where is Kilimanjaro?

Before you move ahead, it is important to know where is Kilimanjaro?

As we wrote above that, it is in Tanzania (Africa) which is located 200 miles south of the equator. It is the highest mountain of the whole of Africa which makes it an attraction point to trekkers. It can be said Stratovolcano technically which means the composite volcano. The lava flowing from such volcano are cooled down, and also due to high viscosity they don’t flow far way, and cools down and then it is hardened. This way Kilimanjaro was formed and called as Stratovolcano. What makes it different is that it is not a part of any mountain range, but it is a free-standing mountain. It is the highest mountain of its kind.

How to Climb Kilimanjaro?

Planning and Preparation are very important if you want successful climbing of Kilimanjaro. And, for that, you must need all the factors that may affect you so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

  1. Select the Trip Time

Like any trip, it is very important to select the timing for Kilimanjaro climbing. Though climbing can be done all year round but it is good to choose a time that is more comfortable. From January to March is a great time for hiking as the weather is cooler, and the mountain’s routes are less crowded. Another time is between June to October in which weather is a bit warm that is comfortable, but routes may be busier. Avoid planning your trip in the rainy season.

  1. Choose your Tour Guide

It is compulsory to climb Kilimanjaro with a guide, and you may get individual guides as well. But, having a tour company as your guide can be very helpful as they may bring a lot of comfort to you. They make climbing Kilimanjaro smooth and enjoyable One such company is climbing-kilimanjaro.com which is a local tour company that understands the territory and the whole region in a much better way. And, being a local company, it has quite affordable pricing. They have excellent staff and team leaders who put a lot of attention towards your safety and success of the hiking. They have 99% around success rate which means they make you reach to the Kilimanjaro summit.

One thing we would like to note that don’t fall for very cheap guides which you will find in plenty.

  1. Choose Your Route

Choosing the right route is very important. There are 7 routes up Kilimanjaro, and they are different in terms of difficulty, scenic beauty, and traffic. The hiking takes around 5-10 days. Highest success rate routes are those which take more time to complete the climbing. That is why it is important to choose your route based upon your preferences.

Moreover, we would advise choosing the longer route as the success rate is high. Also, you can talk to your guide about this as well. They can suggest you better.

  1. Packing

Packing should be done carefully because you cannot miss anything that is indeed important while hiking. The climate changes as you go higher, so you have to be prepared for that, and have things that are needed. For example, for lower reaches, you would need sun protection, and you would need warm clothes for the summit. First aid kit and sleeping bag of good quality, of course, are required. Oxygen cylinder should be with you either you bring or get from your tour guide. Since you hike, you click pictures as well. So make sure you have extra batteries for your camera. Always, keep your ID cards with you while hiking.

  1. Budgeting your Trekking Trip

A trip to Kilimanjaro trek may cost between $2500-$5000 per person. This would include everything such as food, transportation, guides, park fee, etc. Always, make a budget more than this much amount so that if you get some extra expenses, you can do that as well. A better budget gives you better food, better guides, and everything better. So, budget the trip accordingly.


Kilimanjaro is one of the finest mountains to trek, and we are sure that the guide we have shared here would help you greatly if you are planning to go for climbing Kilimanjaro. If you have any other questions, do write to us, in the comments. We would love to help you out.

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