Who Is Jay Stark?

Jay Stark is an author, speaker, and consultant who lives to inspire and empower people to realize that they are capable of achieving any desire if they put their heart and soul into it with a pinch of their mind.

He believes that every day we are alive on earth is a precious God-given gift and spending that time on continuous suffering is a waste of our precious time. Life has its ups and downs and at times we confront obstacles in our life that are calling for us to grow and tap into more of our innate potential.

Jay Stark explains that his journey to becoming the best selling author, world-class speaker, and a business transformation consultant all started with understanding what he really wanted and why.

After he realized that his mission in life was to inspire and empower millions of people around the world, he applied various manifestation principles to make it a reality.

He said the most important part of the journey was to align the mind, body, and spirit in one direction so that taking action became effortless and actually enjoyable.

In his book Secrets To Manifest. He discusses different ways to align the mind, body, and spirit with the 12 laws of the universe to make any dream a reality if done consistently and with the right energy.

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Early Life

When asking Jay Stark where he is from, he laughed and said he’s from the earth where all of us are a big family on a journey to make the most of our limited time together. After digging deeper, he told us he’s from the Sunshine State but definitely enjoys the cold atmosphere more.

Growing up as a kid, one of his dreams was to travel the world and learn new things. He now spends his time traveling the world doing life-changing workshops while embracing different cultures around the world and spreading good vibes everywhere he goes.

When we asked Jay Stark what his birthday was, he said he was born on May 29th, 1994 and further stated that a better question that he asks every day is if there is no tomorrow what will make today legendary? Every day we spend suffering we rob of ourselves to enjoy life fully.

Stark said his lowest point in life was when he was 18 years old graduating from Seminole High School in Lake Mary, Florida. He saw his peers graduating with all these exciting plans for the future and was stuck in confusion and inner conflicts. At first, he settled to go to school for finance and later aerospace engineering only to realize this did not light his soul on fire.

With this realization he started learning everything he could on his own about spirituality, psychology, and marketing which resulted in

Shortly after realizing this he began attending every event or workshop that caught his eyes from Business to Spirituality. He began to apply everything he learned like wildfire and over the course of years resulted in creating multiple businesses that he sold off, a massive YouTube following (no longer up), and Instagram tribe.

He continued this cycle and started becoming bored until attending a life-changing event in San Jose 2018. After this event, Stark realized that the key to living is giving and began to put all his time, knowledge, and resources to helping others grow and realize that all they need is within them.

He said the biggest gift other than this moment on earth was his journey from being the shy little kid afraid to talk to others to becoming the guy who flys around the world just to talk to others and create an experience worth remembering in his workshops and speeches.

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