Why Cupid is related to Valentine’s Day?

Have you seen the winged baby with the arrow, well that is how cupid looks? Why does it have wings? Because love keeps us floating and the baby shows how love is irrational. He carries an arrow as love wounds. Love hurts apart from all these fairy tales.

“Everything is fair in love and war.” Love goes beyond all logic. Your real life logic doesn’t work when you are in love.

Roman God Cupid

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. He is the son of goddess Venus(Goddess of Love and beauty) which explains why is he like that. Before Roman adopted him, he was the Greek god of love(Eros).

How is he represented?

Cupid in Roman is named as “Cupido”. This term means “desire”. The people we love and long to spend time with, we desire their presence, their scent lingering around us. Cupid Latin’s name is “Amor”. Cupid has a girlfriend named Psyche who lead a very solitary life. But, when she met Cupid. They lived happily ever after. They had a daughter together whose name was “voluptas” meaning pleasure.

There is a story that Cupid’s mother Venus(Aphrodite) was jealous of beauty of mortal Psyche, so she asked Cupid to shoot an arrow at him to make her fall in love with a monster. But, when Cupid saw her, he fell in love and he married her on one condition that she will not see his face. Out of curiosity, she got a glance causing Cupid to flee in anger. Psyche searched for her love around the word. Finally she united with him.

He is still around us in songs, in greeting cards. People write about him in love stories.

Sometimes, he is shown with blindfolds to show that love is blind as it doesn’t happen with the eyes. He is associated with intense love. He is considered to have two arrows. One can make you love crazily and other can make you fall out of love and even hate the other person. He could use the arrows both on mortal and Gods.

In archaic poetry, Cupid was represented as a playful and mischievous child who carried a double-headed arrow of love. He shot this arrow everywhere where ever he wanted love to spread. This symbol of love has persisted in history and came to be known as valentine’s day symbol.

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