Why you Should Set Sail on your Next Event Venture?

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Planning an event gets tricky, particularly when you’ve done it what feels like a thousand times. Pulling together a venue for a corporate event like a training day, conference, a big meeting or even a Christmas party can get pretty stale pretty quickly. In a city like Sydney, you begin to feel like every hotel or function blends into one, laborious blur – so why not shake things up a little? The water might not be your first thought for an exciting event venue, but it is guaranteed to be your favourite! Here are just a few compelling reasons to set sail on your next event venture…

You’ll have everything you need

The great thing about ferries and cruises as venues is that they can have literally everything that you could possibly need! Instead of booking a space, organising for staff assistance and then sourcing all of your food and drinks, you get everything you need with just a one-time booking. Saving on time, fuss and money is a big deal when you’re putting together corporate events because even though we’d all love to go crazy, it’s usually not in the budget. With a cruise package, you’ll get an upfront number that you can actually work with! You’ll get amenities like food, bar service, entertainment, lights, presentation tools and stationery to make your event smooth sailing and enjoyable for everyone on board! A one-stop-shop events venue? Yes, please!

The view is to die for

Whether you’re hosting your staff or welcoming clients onto your venue, everyone’s breath will be taken away by the stunning views of Sydney Harbour. We live in one of the most beautiful cities on earth, and the harbour is when Sydney shines the most! You’ll get to see amazing views of the bridge, the Opera House and the gorgeous nature that borders the city. This creates an amazingly positive atmosphere and boosts morale around your company and the day that you’re setting up, taking everyone’s mood and maybe even your business’ productivity and profitability to new heights! Seeing this view from the water is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, so sit back and enjoy one of the finest backdrops you could ask for whilst you hold your corporate event.

You’ll create a lasting impression

If you’re inviting existing or potential new clients on board, you can be sure that you’re going to engage and create a lasting impression on your guests! So many meetings can just roll into one long bore, why not stand out from the crowd with a fun and memorable experience! Your clients will be totally wowed, not only by the gorgeous views of the harbour but by the thought and effort you put into your meeting spot.

If you’ve chosen a ferry as a venue for your staff training day or a Christmas party, you can be totally confident that your employees will feel an amazing affinity with their workplace! Again, this really will be something that everyone is going to remember for a long time to come, so it’s perfect for shaking up the daily grind of the corporate world.

These are just three reasons why a cruise is your ideal location for your next event! You, your staff and your clients will gain memories to last a lifetime whilst developing and strengthening your company, what more could you ask for from an event venue? Check up the amazing options for corporate cruises on Sydney Harbour for a day like no other!

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