World Hemophilia Day – April 17, 2019

Hemophilia can be a deadly health condition. Each one of the hemophilia patient has his or her own story to narrate. If you are one of those suffering – the World Hemophilia Day on April 17 is all about sharing your experiences with hemophilia and raising your awareness among everyone affected by Hemophilia.

What is World Hemophilia Day 2019 all about?

World Hemophilia Day is all about spreading awareness about the Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. The day is held on April 17 every year and it is held on this day in commemoration of Frank Schnabel who was the founder of the World Federation of Hemophilia.
world hemophilia day
The day is being celebrated from 1989 every year. Hemophilia, for the unknown, is a disease where bleeding does not stop for a consierably longer time after being afflicted by an injury or surgery. Moreover, it may also be marked by the painful swelling of the joints – with or without injuries. This is one of the inhrited diseases and can be passed from parents to their offspring.

What’s the theme for the World Hemophilia Day in 2019?

The theme for the World hemophilia Day in 2019 is all about Outreach and identification. The focus will be on reaching out to the possible patients and identifying the new members. The Outreach programes will be conducted in all the member nations. Educational events will be held to spread awareness about the health condition and precautionary measures.
The World Federation of Hemophilia has decided to take up several initiatives this year. Some of them include arranging the regional workshops, raise awaremess programs about the disease, and providing an adequate media coverage to the disease. There will also be an emphasis on imparting a quality training to the health professionals and collecting the intrnational data about the affliction of Hemophilia.

What you can do?

Well, you can also be a part of the initiative. Collect information about any of the persons affflicted with hemophilia in your vicinity and spread awareness about the health condition. Guide them to the respective initiatives undertaken to tackle the disease.
So, share the importance of the day with the world around you through social media. Maybe you are helping someone who needs help – quite unknowingly!

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