World No Tobacco Day – Say No To Tobacco

Want to say no to Tobacco? Well, make a resolution this World Tobacco Day on 31st May 2019. Yes, May 31 is celebrated each year as the World No Tobacco Day by WHO and other health organisations across the globe. The day is celebrated to create awareness about the bad effects of tobacco and tobacco based products. The theme for the World No Tobacco Day for the year 2019 is Tobacco and Lung health.

World No Tobacco Day
The focus of the awareness campaign for the year would be

  • to let people understand the negative effect that the tobacco has on the people’s lung health. This will include cancer to chronic respiratory diseases.
  • The important role that lung carries in your health and wellbeing

How to celebrate the World No Tobacco Day?

Well, how would you commemorate the world No Tobacco Day? If you are someone who has been consuming tobacco or tobacco products, leave it right away. If you are not someone who does not consume tobacco, make sure you advocate the necessary policies to make it one of the best options to convince people to eradicate tobacco menace.
Take actions and conduct events to create awareness about the health issues about tobacco and its ill effects. You can even engage with the stakeholders in multiple genres and areas of life to fight for a no tobacco world.

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