WrestleMania 35: Main event for women for the first time

WrestleMania 35 which is taking place in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on 7th April has 12 matches announced along with three preshow bouts and many of those will be written down in WWE history.
One of the events will be the main women’s event. The WrestleMania, the flagship event of WWE will have it first-ever women’s main event in WrestleMania history, WWE reported on Monday.
The event will have Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch as they will try to snatch away each other titles in the MetLife Stadium.
“For the first time in WWE history, a women’s match will be the main event of WrestleMania as the Raw Women’s Championship Match featuring Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch will take place on Sunday, April 7, in front of a capacity crowd at MetLife Stadium and streaming live on WWE Network around the world,” the WWE said in a release.

Ronda Rousey performs for her Raw brand, where she is the Raw Women’s Champion whereas Charlotte Flair performs for SmackDown brand and she has won the Championship seven times. Lynch is an Irish wrestler and she is also under SnackDown Brand and winner of women’s Royal Rumble.

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In 2015, Charlotte Flair talked about having the main event in WrestleMania, and her wish came true.
“I want to continue my ability to open the doors for women’s wrestling when I make the jump from here to the main roster. I want to main event a pay-per-view on the main roster,” she told Digital Spy back in 2015 when she was asked ahead of WrestleMania 31.
Earlier, in WWE history, women were merely treated as “sex objects.” They were called divas and if they have their pay-per-views(PPV), they were not longer than five minutes. This event is a great shift for women in wrestling history.
The term Diva was dropped after 2015 after fans created a hashtag named #giveDivasAchance. WWE gave them good spots on matches and treated them like real athletes.
The thing that matters is all the women in the event are best at what they do, it will be super thrilling to watch them go on one another with their graceful professional moves. It will be competition at its best.
Cross your fingers for one of the greatest events of WrestleMania 35, some moments of match will be surely iconic when legends like Rousey will go head to head against SmackDown’s champion Flair.

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