Young girl dies in the US custody, mother gloomy during funeral

Two days after a 7-year-old girl was taken into custody by the Border Patrol agents, she died in an unfortunate turn of events. Her mother was very despondent after hearing the news while she attended the funeral at the mountain village on Christmas located in Guatemala.

Relatives and friends took turns while carrying the white casket inside which laid the dead body of Jakelin Caal. The casket was taken along the muddy road of San Antonio Secortez towards 2000 miles distant cemetery from the El Paso Hospital in Texas on 8th December.

The gathering of 150 people was welcomed with religious songs but all these were a bit too much for the mourning mother and the grandfather, explained Jose Manuel Caal, her 33-yeaar-old uncle. All this started when Jakelin was on her way to cross the New Mexico border with her dad and both of them were detained.

Following the detainment, Jakelin was revived two times after she suffered from a cardiac arrest. However, her temperature spiked to a whopping 105.7 degrees which eventually led to her death. Initial reports suggested that she succumbed to exhaustion and dehydration. However, the US officials confirmed that she was suffering from liver failure and brain swelling.

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